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Thousands of full-body, coach-led workouts are here to help you reach your goals.

Workout Styles

Thousands of Workouts Live and on Demand

Workout Types

Work Out Your Way

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[no sound] Men and women work out using Tonal.

Guided Workouts & Programs

Tonal’s AI-powered workouts automatically adjust to your every movement to help you reach your goals. Select from curated programs, such as Four Weeks to Fat Loss or Lean Muscle Mastery.

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[no sound] An iPhone screen shows a user creating their own workout on the Tonal app.

Custom Workouts

Work out your way by choosing your moves, sets, reps, and even dynamic weight modes. Then name it. Save it. Play it on repeat.

Movement Library

Designed With Your Strength In Mind

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Group Training

Stronger, Together

Tonal Live

Sweat it out while you work out alongside other members of the Tonal community in our live classes.

Partner Workout

Double the motivation by working out together. Tonal automatically adjusts the weight when you switch off moves and keeps track of both your reps and results for any workout you do together.

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[no sound] A Tonal screen shows user profile photos animating with icons and check marks.

Virtual group workouts

Work out with friends wherever they are, virtually. Every move is tracked as if you were working out together on the same Tonal. You can even give each other high-fives to stay motivated.

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