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Auditions: An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstien

Monday, 3/26 from 5-8PM
Tuesday, 3/27 from 5-8PM
Wednesday, 3/28 from 4-7PM

Monday, 4/2 from 3-7PM
Tuesday, 4/3 from 4-7PM
Wednesday, 4/4 from 5-8PM



All Auditions will be held in the Gryphon Theatre at the Laramie Plains Civic Center, 710 E. Garfield, Laramie.  Special Audition arrangements can be made.

The production will open June 21st and run through the 23rd, with possible tour dates in July. Rehearsals will begin April 9th. The rehearsal process will be a relaxed one spanning over approximately 11 weeks.  There are several roles available for women and men. Auditions will consist primarily of cold readings from the script. Prepared auditions are not required, but are welcomed.

Stage Manager and several other Technical Positions are also available.

Those auditioning should bring their schedule and a list of conflict dates (from 4/9 through 7/25). For more information and/or Special Audition Arrangements please email [email protected], please include “ACT Auditions” in the subject line. People are encouraged to attend more than one Audition.

For a synopsis of the play go to: